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Murray Cypress is FASTER GROWING than the regular Leyland Cypress ('Leighton Green'), has a DARKER GREEN color, and may be MORE RESISTANT to fungus. Murray Cypress is an evergreen tree hardy in zones 6 - 9, grows to 50 ft high, 12 ft wide. It grows better on more marginal sites than the regular Leyland Cypress. Plant as close as 6' for a solid privacy hedge.
Murray Cypress Liners in 2 1/2 inch pots

Murray Cypress Liners in 2 1/2 inch pots

Now Shipping!  Sold in cases of 20, 50, or 100. Now shipping. 9" minimum height above pot. (Shipped in containers, not bare root!) Free Shipping! Additional Info

Price: $62.00

Murray Cypress in size 1-Gallon Trade pot size

Murray Cypress in size 1-Gallon Trade pot size

Now Shipping!  This is a new crop of Murray Cypress grown in 1 gallon Trade size (3 quarts actual size).  These trees have larger stem caliper and establish quicker than smaller sizes. 17" average height above pot and growing! (Shipped in containers, not bare root!)  Price is for all 10 trees. Free Shipping! Additional Info

Price: $119.00


This image is a placeholderMurray Cypress  

(Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Murray Cypress')

We came across the fast growing Murray Cypress tree about 12 years ago when it was called "Ovensii."

The Murray Cypress specimen at left is of a 9 year old that has been pruned as a Christmas Tree.


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Buy vigorous, well-rooted Murray Cypress in the sizes below.  Supplies are limited!



BEFORE DIGGING, call your local utilities to identify the location of any underground utilities.

These plants do not require a very big hole, but if your ground is hard, loosen it up as much as possible so the roots will have easy access to grow.

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