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Product Details:

Variegated Liriope 1 gallon size - case of 10 Plants

Price: $109.00

Variegated Liriope Liners in 1 Gallon Size - Case of 10 Pots

Currently SOLD OUT!

  • Shipped in pots, not bare root.

  • 12" average height above pot.  Minimum 3 bibs per pot. Well-rooted. 

  • Guaranteed healthy upon delivery.


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Special Features:

Variegated Liriope or "Lilyturf"

Liriope muscari 'Variegata'


Hardiness zone     5- 10

Mature Size          18 inches tall x 24 inches wide

Growth Rate         Rapid

Bloom                   Purple blooms in summer

Light needs           Deep shade to full sun

Water needs         Medium

Foliage                  Variegated with creamy yellow margins

Notes:  Variegated Liriope, sometimes called Lilyturf, is easy to grow and multiplies rapidly by underground stems .  Tolerates wide range of soils, light conditons and is drought & heat tolerant.  However, Liriope does not like "wet feet".  Mow Liriope (at highest cutting setting) in early spring to remove old foliage.   Best used as a border grass or in massed plantings for ground cover. 

Liriope blooms in July to August with lavender, purple or white flower spikes. Although the flowers are individually small, they are very showy, since each plant has many spikes of blooms. Clusters of bluish black berry-like fruit follow the flowers.




BEFORE DIGGING, call your local utilities to identify the location of any underground utilities.

These plants do not require a very big hole, but if your ground is hard, loosen it up as much as possible so the roots will have easy access to grow.

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